side effects from botox in forehead

Should You Get Preventative Botox?

Once facial wrinkles and ne lines begin appearing, it’s not uncommon to consider the help of Botox or other injectables. In fact, since the FDA cleared the drug for anti-aging beauty purposes in 2002, millions of patients have turned to Botox to help achieve a younger appearance. While most patients are between the ages of 30 – 40 years old, more twenty-somethings are beginning to explore the procedure as well. Read on to get all the facts on opting for preventative Botox.

What is Preventative Botox?

Preventative Botox refers to the growing trend of younger than average patients utilizing Botox before signs of aging. These patients turn to the injectable in efforts to slow down and prevent ne lines and wrinkles from eventually appearing. Botox, a neurotoxin made of the botulinum toxin, blocks nerve transmission in muscles once injected under the skin.

The Process

The preventative Botox process is identical to standard Botox treatments. The session doesn’t require anesthesia and only takes a matter of minutes to complete. To start the process, a licensed professional will inject the patient with the drug where desired. Once the neurotoxin travels through the skin, it begins to deactivate muscle movement. After the speci ed muscle can no longer contract, the patient’s wrinkles will soften, and the targeted area will be less likely to form lines in the future.

Bene ts and Side Effects of Botox

While getting Botox may seem a bit scary, many patients believe the bene ts far outweigh any negatives. Patients appreciate the minimally-invasive procedure, zero downtime, and lasting results of Botox. Once injected, the effects typically take up to seven days to become noticeable, and last for upwards of four months. If patients don’t love the results from the injection, the drug will dissipate if no future injections are added.

Though the risks associated with Botox are small, there are a few possible side effects. Some patients experience minimal bruising, swelling, and bleeding at the injection site immediately after the procedure. Others may also experience more severe side effects including migraines; however severe effects are uncommon if the process is done by a professional.

Who are typical candidates for preventative Botox?

Most patients who use preventative Botox hope to avoid developing wrinkles that they believe may be hereditary. For example, if a patient’s mother and grandmother both have prominent lines in the same areas, the patient may opt to get Botox in those same areas. In addition to hereditary traits, patients who experienced signi cant UV exposure from the sun or tanning beds may also feel preventative Botox could help prevent signs of aging as well.

Is preventative Botox right for you?

While results show Botox can signi cantly diminish or reduce the appearance of wrinkles, the magnitude of its effects still varies by person. Ultimately, it’s up to each patient to decide if the cost, possible side effects, and the results are worth it. To help make your decision, consider scheduling a consultation with a professional dermatologist. A trained professional can help evaluate your skin and decide whether preventative Botox is a good option for you.

If you’ve decided preventative Botox is right for you, contact VIO Med Spa. Our licensed professionals are ready to help you achieve your beauty goals today.