Vanquish Me


Vanquish ME is the only contactless selective radio frequency device that eliminates fat in the abdomen, love handles (flanks), and thighs. Vanquish ME has the largest treatment spot size in the industry treating flank to flank, which is extremely important for delivering smooth, uniform results.

The treatment is 45 minutes for the abdomen and 30 minutes for the thighs. Patients will feel a warm heat sensation similar to laying in the sun. Redness and some local swelling may appear immediately after the treatment and will resolve soon after the treatment. 4 treatment protocol is required with treatments performed once a week. We encourage light physical activity such as walking soon after the treatment. The patient may see effects of the treatment after the first visit, but should expect to see full results 2-4 weeks after the final treatment.

This treatment may not  be available at every location.

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  • Not limited to BMI <30
  • No unevenness: Full Flank to Flank treatment
  • Non-invasive = no downtime!
  • More fat can be removed at a lower cost


  • How long do Vanquish ME results last?
    Many patients report seeing results after the first session, with the full effect being seen within two weeks after the final session. Vanquish kills the entire fat cell, not just the fat inside the cell, making results successful long-term.
  • Does Vanquish ME tighten skin?
    The skin starts to feel unbearably hot around 43C. ... It does heat the skin somewhat, so there is some skin tightening, but it is mostly heating the fat. It feels warm but not hot. So, Vanquish ME is a great treatment if you have a bunch of fat to lose, and it will also tighten the skin a bit.
  • Do you lose weight with Vanquish ME?
    Vanquish Fat Reduction is a non-invasive procedure that uses radio frequency energy to heat and kill fat cells. Vanquish is used on the abdomen to reduce belly fat but is not meant to be used for massive weight loss. Results can be seen in four to six treatments. Beginning to see results.
  • How many Vanquish ME treatments are needed?
    During your first visit, your Vanquish ME trained specialist will help you design your individual treatment plan. Most patients undergo 4 treatments scheduled 1 week apart, but this can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • What are the side effects?
    Possible side effects include excess stomach acid secretion, constipation, difficulty sleeping, heartburn, irritation of the stomach or intestines, nausea, nervousness, stomach cramps, skin irritation and etc.
  • Is Vanquish ME painful?
    There is a mild, gentle warming sensation during treatment that is similar to having a heating pad placed in the area of treatment. Vanquish ME is not painful, and the guest's comfort level is monitored during Vanquish ME treatment.

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