COVID-19 update: May 12, 2020


Dear Valued Guests,

As we all prepare to slowly move from sheltering-in-place to what we hope will be a successful transition to a life that feels a little more normal, let us not forget the many lessons learned. Over the next few weeks, V/O Med Spa will be reopening its doors to our guests at our locations across the country. We will do so with additional safety measures in place. V/O has always operated with cleanliness and safety as a core value and, as you would expect, V/O’s additional safety measures will far exceed minimum recommended safety guidelines.

During this new era of operating, safety will continue to be given a high level of attention. Not only will we continue to provide a very clean and sanitary environment for our guests and employees, but given the recent pandemic, we will take our safety standards to another level by ensuring everyone associated with our spas are as safe as possible. As you know, the services we offer are incredibly hands-on and our aesthetic injectors, esthetician’s and body contouring specialists use the power of their hands to deliver a great experience and exceptional result. Therefore, the safety of our providers and guests are a clear priority.

With this in mind, when you visit our spas we want you to feel comfortable and safe. We want our employees to feel the same. As a result of the current environment, you will see that we have implemented the following additional safety and cleanliness standards at all V/O Med Spa locations:

  • social distancing for all guests;
  • convenient appointment check-in designed to support social distancing;
  • touchless transaction capabilities;
  • wearing of face masks by all employees;
  • wearing of face masks by all guests in common areas;
  • wearing of gloves by employees;
  • wearing of face shields by employees when deemed appropriate;
  • use of hand sanitizer or hand washing by all guests upon entrance to the spa;
  • regular and frequent sanitizing of high touch areas;
  • sneeze guards in place where deemed appropriate and necessary;
  • pre appointment guest wellness reviews;
  • nightly deep cleaning;
  • and more.

It is our goal to support the overall health and wellness of everyone associated with V/O Med Spa. We also want to be a responsible community member and ensure the transition back to “normal” lasts. Therefore, we ask that when you visit your V/O Med Spa location you join us in our quest to provide the safest experience possible by adhering to our safety standards. Should you have questions about our safety standards or would like to schedule an appointment, please reach out to your local V/O Med Spa.

Together we will make a positive difference and ensure the safety of everyone who enjoys the services offered at their V/O Med Spa.

To make an appointment please call your nearest V/O Med Spa. We look forward to seeing you and appreciate your patience as we work through this new era of operating and seek to accommodate your appointment and service requests!