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Value in Ourself, V/O, provides solutions for our guests to elevate their well being and gives them more value. V/O is an all-inclusive, highest quality, state-of-the art body and skin brand that identifies our guest’s beauty goals, enables accessible comprehensive services, within a trusted community, and positive, life-changing results.  Confidence, enhanced beauty, empowerment, self-esteem are the V/O value added results our guests enjoy on a daily basis.  As a national brand, V/O Med Spa strives to provide consistent quality products and services to its guest no matter where they call home. The V/O Med Spa brand is synonymous with results-driven health and beauty transformations.

V/O Med Spa offers traditional services that have long been proven to gain the results our guests have come to expect from a boutique med spa. However, our service offerings do not stop there. V/O Med Spa’s vision is to be the innovative leader in the medical spa industry by offering the latest cutting-edge technologies and therapies offered in the wellness and aesthetics industry.

V/O Med Spa is purpose driven; helping women and men of all ages to look beautiful and feel confident in their own skin. We are also driven to help our guests meet their personal beautification and wellness goals. Our highly educated expert team of medical professionals and practitioners focus on meeting the needs of our guest by recommending products and services that are sure to get the results they want for themselves. We understand that everyone’s needs are different. Therefore, we create individualized health and beauty plans that are designed to meet their specific needs.

V/O Med Spa’s commitment to providing results oriented products and services to our guests is nothing like you’ve ever experienced from a medical spa before.




Looking your best empowers, builds confidence, and lifts self-esteem to an elevated level. Feeling Great about yourself is the V/O value.  Looking Amazing while Feeling Great is the bonus.




We place the highest priority on safety.  We train and certify our staff on national standards. We routinely monitor and review safe practices with ongoing training programs for new treatments and products. It is a cornerstone of our entire operation.   


We are easy to access with convenient locations, a comprehensive array of accessible services under one roof and offer affordable pricing in a non-judgemental environment.  Our location placement creates an easy and valued experience for our guests.


We identify with our guests to address their body and skin concerns and goals. Through customized treatments and education we have a significant positive impact on our guest’s body, skin, and mind. Our approach and treatments have brought life changing results to many guests who embrace V/O.